Product review: Fantasy Britney Spears the Nice Remix Fragrance

We’re testing Fantasy Britney Spears the Nice Remix Fragrance. Find out how it lives up to our expectations!


Product review: Fantasy Britney Spears the Nice Remix FragranceName this product:

Fantasy Britney Spears the Nice Remix Fragrance (, $38-58)

What the product claims to do:

Britney Spears’ bestselling Fantasy perfume now has a new twist. The singer has remixed the original scent by taking the exact same notes and creating two completely different scents: fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS The Naughty Remix and fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS The Nice Remix. The Nice Remix features a romantic and flirtatious scent and includes whimsical notes.

How it worked for me:

This fragrance smelled amazing and it was so easy to use.

How this product looks and feels:

The packaging is so pretty! The bottle itself is primarily pink (it’s white at the bottom) and features a charm bracelet with the letter “N” for “nice.” The bottle is sturdy and easy to grasp.

What I liked about this product:

The packaging immediately drew me in; I’m a sucker for a pretty perfume bottle! The thing I loved the most about this fragrance was the scent, though.

I would recommend this product for:

Women who love sweet, sugary fragrances.

How I felt about the scent of this product:

Being a fragrance, the scent is pretty important! I’m not a huge fragrance fan, and don’t wear it too often, but this one fits my personality perfectly. The scent itself reminds me of cotton candy — sweet and sugary. Another merit? What you smell is what you get — meaning that the scent stays the same throughout the day. Some fragrances lose their scent or smell differently by the end of the day, but this one lingers in a light, pleasant way.

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