12 Infinity rings for a luxe look

Infinity rings are meant to symbolize unending love or friendships, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one just because you want to. It also doesn’t mean you can’t buy one for yourself.

If you get the urge to buy yourself an infinity ring (or two), check out these picks. They’ll give you the luxe look you’re going for — without the big price tag.


La Preciosa

La Preciousa

This sterling silver ring is set with round white topaz stones on one side of the infinity symbol — just enough to add some sparkle without going overboard. (Overstock, $33)


Rose gold

Rose gold infinity ring

Have you caught on to the rose gold trend yet? Take a chance with this delicate rose gold ring with cubic zirconia accents. (Cindy Tomlin Inc., $20)


Oversized twisted wire

Oversized twisted wire ring

The oversized twisted wire infinity symbol on this gold-plated sterling silver ring is a fun way to instantly glam up your outfit. (Etsy, $63)


Sterling silver CZ infinity

Sterling silver CZ infinity

The unique shape of this infinity ring gives it a personality all its own. It’s stylish but fun, just like the lucky lady who wears it (Avon, $50)


Double infinity

Double infinity ring

You get double the bling with this double infinity ring. This handmade creation comes with cubic zirconia set in sterling silver. (Etsy, $37)


Heart infinity

Heart infinity ring

There’s nothing that says “eternity” like two hearts that never end. Plus, this silver-toned, simulated crystal ring looks like it cost you a pretty penny, when it’s actually a steal. (Kohl’s, $16)


Unwritten infinity

Unwritten infinity ring

This sterling silver infinity ring has no stones, but the hammered metal appearance makes it sparkle. It’s simple yet trendy and perfect to add a little shine to your everyday wardrobe. (Macy’s, $20)


White topaz

White topaz

When one infinity symbol just isn’t enough, turn to this white topaz infinity ring. The symbols intertwine all the way around the ring, adding up to .5 carats of topaz in the sterling silver setting. (My Jewelry Box, $50)


Black ceramic and sterling silver

Black ceramic and sterling silver ring

This stunning ceramic ring creates a beautiful contrast against the sterling silver and cubic zirconia symbol. (Overstock, $49)


Black and white cubic zirconia

Black and white cubic zirconia

This stunning black and white cubic zirconia knot is set in sterling silver. It’s perfect for every day or for glamming it up for a night on the town. (Palm Beach Jewelry, $85)


Eternal band

Eternal band ring

This brass ring with intertwining pave-accented bands makes a great piece to add a touch of beauty to any outfit. (Stella & Dot, $39)




We’re pretty sure you’ve never seen anything like this infinity ring. The yellow-plated sterling silver and unique band gives it a very upscale look, but the cost is wallet-friendly. (Overstock, $67)

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