How to get date-ready in 10 minutes

Nov 11, 2013 at 1:14 p.m. ET

Maybe you’re running late from work, spent too much time Googling your date or just got the invite at the last minute (silly boys). Suddenly, you look at the clock and realize you have little to no time to get dolled up.

Woman getting dressed

Don’t worry; by following these steps you’ll be looking your best and out the door in no time.

Step 1: Makeup

Skin first

When you’re short on time, get ready by order of importance. The skin is the foundation for your whole look. Spend the most time on this step; you want to have a healthy glow. Moisturize; this will help your skin to feel baby-soft and will help your makeup blend better. If you have oily skin or are planning for a long night (scandalous!), use a primer. Conceal blemishes and hyper-pigmentation with concealer or foundation (the last thing anyone needs to worry about on a date is a pimple). Keep the skin fresh and natural, though. Make your guy think you were just born with the face of an angel.

bronzerGet that glow

Everyone looks best with a little color to their skin, so add a pink blush that suites your skin tone to create a natural flirty flush. If you’re feeling a little under the weather, add a golden bronzer to create dimension and the look of a warm glow from within.

Play up the eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul; bring attention to them so he can’t look away. Add a shimmery shadow to the inner corner and lid to attract light. Put a deeper shade in the outer V to add an elongated, feline effect. Mascara is a must to complete the look.

Kissable lips

Whether you plan to have some lip action or not, bring attention to your lips with gloss or lipstick. Pick a shade that flatters your skin tone. It’s best to go with a neutral shade so you’re not worrying about having red lipstick on your teeth the whole night (can you imagine anything worse?).

Step 2: Hair

If your hair is looking a little flat or if your guy caught you on your shampoo skip day, spritz on some dry shampoo. This will give your locks a just-washed look, with added volume. If your hair is lacking shine, lather on a bit of hair serum to your ends. That's it: Your hair is now shiny and smells like you just left the salon.

At this point, you’re seriously strapped for time and don’t have time to curl your hair or do that awesome updo you planned for a night like this. Don’t fret. Leave your hair down for a romantic look, or put it into a high pony for a more elegant 'do. He’ll never know that this step took you mere seconds to achieve.

Step 3: Outfit

The key to looking your best is feeling your best, so pick out an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in. Skip the sky-high heels that you can only walk in for an hour and choose a more comfortable pair. You might fall head over heels for your date, but keep that as a figure of speech, not a description of an actual tumble. Since your time is quickly running out, wear an outfit that you know you love and feel great in. And remember: Leave some of your assets to the imagination.

And you’re off

Even though you had little to no time, you put on your best outfit and are looking like a million bucks. You’re ready for a great night, so off you go with your dream date (we hope!). Have confidence and most importantly, have fun!

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