25 Mind-blowing beauty tricks you need to pin now

Dec 25, 2013 at 12:00 p.m. ET

Want some hot beauty tips for your weekend? Pin your way to pretty with these 25 mind-blowing beauty tricks and hacks that will glam up your hair, face and body!


Perfume scented hair

perfume scented air
Photo credit: November Grey

Sometimes your hair can smell less like your favorite shampoo and conditioner and more like your over-heated, styled and fried hair. Solve the problem by spraying perfume into your hair following this simple guide.


Kitchen beauty tricks

Kitchen beauty tricks
Photo credit: A Thrifty Diva

Stop what you're doing right now and pin this fabulous site that provides uses for everything from your kitchen including honey, brown sugar, strawberries and more.



Photo credit: Beauty and the blog

Fifteen awesome uses for the drug store item in one hot beauty blog. Not only a moisturizer, petroleum jelly can be used to make nail polish and eyeshadow stay in place.


Inexpensive Hollywood beauty tricks

In-expensive Hollywood beauty tricks
Photo credit: Beauty School

Want to look like a star without paying for a glam squad? Pin these five Hollywood tips for cheap and awesome looks!


Visine for pimples

Visine for pimples
Photo credit: Style Bakery Beauty

Want to know what to do in case of a zit emergency? Pin this Visine remedy to reduce acne redness.

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