How to make a DIY dip-dye tote

Whether you’re shopping at the farmers market or taking one final trip to the beach, a straw tote is an essential accessory. Here’s a simple way to customize your bag with dip-dye color for under $5! Chances are you have a plain straw bag already sitting in your closet… just waiting to be fabulous.

DIY dip-dye tote |

DIY dip-dye tote


  • Straw tote
  • Dye
  • Bucket and water
  • Gloves are useful but not necessary



Create dye solution

DIY dip-dye tote

Create your dye solution according to the package instructions. Make sure your bucket is wide enough to fit the bag and the water is deep enough to submerge the area you want to dye. My preferred method is dyeing in a big bucket outside. I’m accident prone and don’t want to end up with water all over the floor.



DIY dip-dye tote

Dip the tote into the prepared water. You don’t need to tape off the bag before dipping. An uneven line works! It gives it a nice ombre look. The straw takes a while to soak up the color so let it sit for several hours. When you check on it, just remember that the color will fade when it dries, so don’t be afraid to let it get darker.


Get creative

DIY dip-dye tote

Now you can get creative and try dipping other parts of the bag. Flip the bag over and dye the handles and rim. You can even dye it a different color!



DIY dip-dye tote

Let the bag dry and it’s ready to use.

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