How to make bohemian raffia earrings

Sep 12, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Bohemian touches of raffia and tassels were all over the runways for summer, but these easy DIY statement earrings add the perfect touch of sophisticated style to dresses and casual T-shirts for any season.

DIY Bohemian raffia earrings |

DIY bohemian raffia earrings


  • Black and natural colored raffia (available at most craft stores)
  • A pair of hoop earrings. If you don't have a pair in your jewelry box, you can find a plain pair at most craft stores or on eBay.
  • Small gold beads (mine were 5 millimeters but make sure the bead is big enough to fit onto your earring)
  • Scissors



DIY Bohemian raffia earrings |

Take a strand of both black and natural raffia and wrap
it three times around your three middle fingers.


DIY Bohemian raffia earrings |

Pull the raffia loop off of your fingers and snip the ends.


DIY Bohemian raffia earrings |

Pinch the top of the tassel and make a knot around it with
a short piece of raffia, leaving a small loop above the knot.


Repeat steps one to three to make another two-toned tassel.


Repeat steps one to three to make four more tassels, this time only using black raffia.


DIY Bohemian raffia earrings |

Open the hoop earrings and slide on one gold bead. Add a black tassel, the mixed colored tassel and another black tassel by sliding the earring through the top loop of the tassel. Finish with another gold bead.


DIY Bohemian raffia earrings |

Trim the tassels if necessary. We made the outer black tassels slightly shorter to give it more movement.

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