Lacquered love: Glitter gradient nail art

Apr 4, 2013 at 8:00 a.m. ET

Selena DeHart of Pink U Rock nail art blog is lending us her glossy nails for some mani love! Are you feeling sparkly this season? Whether you are or aren't, this glitter gradient mani design will be sure to lift your spirits!

Glitter gradient nails

Glitter away

Sometimes ladies feel glitter can be too "teeny bopper" and tend to shy away from it. I, myself, love some glittery goodness, but this look has a glittery subtleness that can be worn at any age! Don't be afraid to add some sparkle to your tips with this super easy gradient look.

Pick your sparkle

This look is so versatile that you really can go to any extreme. For my look, I'm choosing a soft mixture to coordinate with the spring season. I chose American Apparel Office as my base color. For the glitter, I used China Glaze Glistening Snow and FingerPaints Santa's Magic. You want to pick a fine glitter color that has enough glitter to be opaque in two or three coats. You can leave it at that or choose another glitter that has chunkier bits and carries less glitter in the base. I chose one of each for my look.

Glitter gradient nails -- step by step

Get your glitter on

  1. Paint your nails in the color of your choosing.
  2. Using the fine glitter first, in my case Glistening Snow, wipe most of the polish off the brush to get a super thin coat. Paint from the cuticle line up to around the halfway or two-thirds point. Sort of dab at the finishing line to make it look scattered and not so perfectly straight. Let dry to touch.
  3. Using the chunkier glitter, using dabbing motions, dab the glitter over the first coat, just adding chunkier pieces and dimension to your gradient.
  4. Top off with your favorite top coat, and you've got a beautiful, sparkly mani for spring!

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