The buzzed hair trend: Do or don’t?

You may have seen variations of the buzzed hair trend on some of our favorite edgy leading ladies. Is this look for you? We checked in with some of our favorite hair experts!

Milye cyrus

Give it a try

“I love this new buzzed trend. As long as your personal style matches, this hairstyle will work. It exudes confidence. Normally I would put this on a younger girl, but I just recently put it on a woman in her late 50s. She has gotten so many compliments and has never looked better. I believe to pull this off, you need to play with the color. A double process like Miley Cyrus works like a charm!” says Danny Jelaca, professional hairstylist and owner of Danny Jelaca salon in Miami. “The funkier your style, the better this works.”

To make this bold look work, though, make sure your makeup matches! Strong, smoky eyes are your best bet.

Buyer beware?

“It is a definite don’t. Yes, we have been seeing it for over a year or two now on some rock stars and hipsters but a lasting trend it is not,” says Alberto VO5 Hair Expert, Chris Lospalluto.

“If you must try it, there isn’t a right or wrong way. Simply pick an area on your head, whether it’s the nape of your neck or the right or left side of your head, pull some hair back and shave a small panel close to the scalp, allowing the hair to fall over it in case you don’t always want it to be seen. Keep in mind once you are tired of this look, the grow out can be tricky especially when the hair starts to get long and spiky.”

“As a stylist I have to admit I am not a fan of this trend. If a woman does not have the best features, this trend is a NO,” says Nicole Cyrese Eventoff, a hair stylist based in Princeton, New Jersey. “I’ve seen it enough on beautiful celebrities who are blessed with beautiful faces and outstanding looking bodies. Those women, such as Miley Cyrus, can wear it and have worn it well!”

Ultimately, is the look right for you?

“I love the new buzzed hair trend (although it’s not really new, ’80s anyone? but it’s back)!” says celebrity hairstylist Amanda Shackleton. “This look lets you be a little cheeky and hip when you want to, but conservative enough when you want to cover up. Kind of like the old mullet-business in the front, party in the back!! My only suggestion is this — have a cool sense of style. Any age can rock this style — just make sure your image does the same. This cut on someone with no style or a super conservative style just does not work!”

Another thing to consider? Whether or not you have the face for shorter hair. “Celebrities like Natalie Portman and Rihanna are hair chameleons, meaning, with such beautiful features, they can go from long to a big chop without receiving backlash from the media and their fans,” says Raphael Reboh, celebrity master stylist and owner of Femme Coiffure Hair Spa in Miami Beach, Florida. “If you do have the face to carry a short haircut, I suggest starting off with a small section. As close to the ear as possible — a location of the head that is demure. That way, you can style the hair to conceal the buzzed cut (for professional reasons). Underneath works the best… that way, a low ponytail may be able to conceal it too if you don’t want to wear the hair loose.”

Before you make a big commitment and cut your hair, see a professional! They will give you their honest opinion, provide tips on how to maintain the look, products to help increase growth (once you get tired of it) and how to style the hair during the dreaded growing process.

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