Steal the show with neon eyelids

Mar 8, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

In the midst of winter, a girl could use a pick me up. What better way to freshen up your look than with a pop of neon color on your eyes? Born on the runway, this look has made it to the streets.

Elle Fanning wearing neon pink eyeshadow

"When wearing neon on your lids, make sure that the rest of your makeup is neutral. With a bold eye, there is no need for a bold lip as well. You can also edge your way into the neon trend by using sheer neon colors as opposed to matte. Sheer tones are much more wearable and will help you to make a statement without going too far," says celebrity hair and makeup artist Julia Papworth.

Choose your shade

Blue, yellow, green or orange tend to be the most flattering neon shades for the eyes. Blue will bring out any color and orange shades will really make blue eyes pop. Pink or red are difficult colors to wear around the eyes because they have a tendency to make the eyes look swollen.

Looking at the Pantone Spring Color Report, there are a couple of colors that can be used for a spring beauty look from beauty line DeVita. Women can feel confident about wearing it because there are no chemicals and the line is cruelty-free!

Don't be afraid to mix and match

"The color combo is the most important component," says makeup artist Monet Watkins. When complementary colors (red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange) are placed next to each other, they enhance each other or make their opposite pop!

  • Blue, anything orange based: Peach, coral, copper, orange, paprika
  • Green, red rainbow: Red, watermelon, any shade of pink (red and white mixed), but also purples, violet, orchid, lilacs, periwinkle, royal purple
  • Hazel, turn them more green: Pink, purple, red, green... any shade. Turn them more brown-orange, coral, yellow, gold
  • Light brown, because of the yellow/golden/warm tones: All purples to pick up the gold, any neon shade of pink or green to accent the brown
  • Dark brown, red/blue based: Anything blue, pink, purple, green... actually, because brown is a mixture of all colors, pretty much anything works on brown eyes

Act your age (sorta)

Celebrity makeup artist Amanda Shackleton says neon eyes must be age appropriate. Although women at any age can wear color on the lids, save the super pigmented colors for those under 30. As you go up in age, mute out the colors a bit and stick to one or two bright colors.

If you're under 30, try using Kryolan's colors and pigmentation.

Shackleton suggests you apply by wetting your brush and mixing a little water into the color pan you want to use. It will be a pasty feeling and a little wet but once dry stays in place! "It's more like a paint than an eyeshadow and I use it on shoots and for clients for a dramatic look on both the face and body."

Make Up Forever's Aqua colors

If you want to use various colors on the eye and need it waterproof, use Make Up Forever's Aqua colors. They have wonderful bright shades and can be put on with this colorful pencil range.

Going for a more subtle look? Take your regular powder eyeshadow in a bright color and wet your brush (do not put the water directly on the eyeshadow). Roll your brush into the shadow and apply it onto your eye. Applying shadow wet will intensify the color on your eye. Once dry, blend with an extra layer of shadow and soften it out.

If you plan on using different colors on your eyes, use smaller eye brushes to put the shadow exactly where you want it.

If you want to add extra color in smaller areas, use eye pencils — they are easy and come in great neon shades!

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