How to customize your shopping experience

How many times have you been to the store and whatever you pick out isn’t exactly right or what you are looking for? Whether it’s the size, shape, color, texture, smell or packaging, why settle for less when you can have more? Try CUSTOM!

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Have you ever dreamed of having products made to your exact specifications? Well, you can and some of these options are surprisingly affordable!

Custom body care

Check out Lather, a natural skin care brand. At a few of their choice locations, you can find blending bars and experts who will make you your very own bath gel, massage oil, body moisturizer, room spray, bath tonic or roller-ball fragrance. Imagine working with an array of up to 40 aromatherapy oils to create your very own specialized concoction! Best of all, prices start at only $13. I’m inspired by Japanese bath rituals and am going to create a ginger, yuzu and cedar blend.

Custom textiles

Can’t find that perfect color or pattern for a pillow, piece of art, tablecloth or new shirt? Well, Spoonflower can most definitely help! Just send them an uploaded image of literally anything (40MB or less — even from your phone!), choose your fabric (10 naturals to choose from — cotton to silk) and in two weeks, you’ll have your very own fabric to use in any way you see fit! Imagine the possibilities!

Custom self-tanner

Create your own tan shade! With Xen-Tan’s “E!- Live From The Red Carpet – Shimmer Bronzer Plus Self Tan,” ($45) you can control the color you mix from light to medium to deep and create your own tan with a built in bronzer. Simply dial the dual chambered pump and get that customized tan that the stars have without the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Smells great and is great for both face and body!

Custom makeup

How many times have you gone to a makeup counter to find out that your favorite lipstick has been discontinued? Three Custom Color Specialists can match your favorite shade or create a whole new one for you based on your specifications. Match a swatch of fabric, a crayon, a flower, a dash of nail polish — anything goes! Or search their archive of over 10,000 documented shades dating back to the 1930s if you don’t have a bit of your original sample to send them.

Custom jewelry

Looking for that perfect gift or maybe a little something for yourself? You can personalize your very own jewelry at Jennifer Fisher. Jennifer believes in, “Customizing everything to order and making each piece just yours alone.” Mix and match and personalize all arrays of charms, pendants, bracelets, rings, earrings and anklets until your heart’s content. Great things for men and kids too!

Chad Hayduk, co-founder and creative director of the NYC-based indie beauty brand Three Custom Color Specialists, is an expert in makeup artistry and education. As a leader in color analysis, matching and custom blending, Chad lends his precise eye to developing new colors and products designed to meet women’s beauty needs — regardless of age, skin type or tone. Chad’s work has appeared in magazines, film and television, on the runway and in the theater. For more about Three Custom Color Specialists, visit and follow @Chad3c on Twitter.

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