The MTV Movie Awards: The worst (and wackiest) dressed!

When it comes to MTV, anything goes. There were definitely some fashion trends this year — from bubble skirts to tight waists. But the biggest trend was the fact that I didn’t know 60 percent of the people on the red carpet.

Over the years, I’ve prided myself on my knowledge of pop culture and celebrity gossip. Sadly, watching the awards show and browsing the red carpet photos have aged me. I didn’t know who half of these ‘youngins’ were. #30yearoldproblems. In any event, it doesn’t take an expert to have an opinion. I don’t need to remind you of the saying, do I? All that said, here are my opinions:

Jean-Claude Van DAMN and daughter

Jean-Claude Van DAMN — Did you see his daughter? Making a rare appearance on the red carpet, Van Damme was escorted on the red carpet by his 21-year-old daughter, Bianca. Surely this was a ploy to get her in front of the cameras and kick off her Hollywood career, no? In any event, she looks like Emmanuelle Chriqui, but a much taller and hotter version. Here she is strutting her stuff in a blue and white body con dress with cut out detailing. Bachelors — get rowdy!

Photo credit: Ian Wilson/
Elizabeth Banks

Elizabeth Banks is the epitome of one of those chameleon actresses. She can look amazing in pretty much any role, with any outfit on, in any hairdo and any makeup scheme. Last night, she opted for a very Sienna Miller look with her hair tightly pulled up into a bun and dark eyeliner around her beautiful blue eyes. Born from the Elie Saab fall collection, Banks received one of the biggest wows with a black paneled jumpsuit that looked super sexy from the side.

Photo credit: Brian To/
Emma Stone

Emma Stone looked radiant in her naturally-blonde updo. I’m not entirely sure what she’s wearing, but the pink bubble skirt with a fitted black top isn’t doing much for her figure.

Photo credit: Brian To/
Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart, on my list of top three most horrible actresses, sported a frock straight out of the ’80s cartoon Jem.

Photo credit: Brian To/
Josh Hutcherson

Admittedly, I had no idea (and still kind of don’t) who Josh Hutcherson is, but I would say one thing to him given the chance: You’re like 14 years old and you’re at an awards show. You’re not cool enough yet NOT to dress up. In fact, when you’re young and starting out, it’s sort of a pre-req. That said, please ditch the playdate clothing and fire your stylist. I’d say the exact same thing to the other 30-40 “children” I didn’t know.

Photo credit: Brian To/
Brooke Hogan

Can someone please explain to me not only what Brooke Hogan was wearing (I think I had a friend in high school who wore that dress to prom circa 2000!) but also what the heck she was doing at this party?

Photo credit: Brian To/
Paris and Nicki Hilton

So I guess these two are still happening, huh? You know what’s not happening? Their outfits. Not digging them, at all.

Photo credit: Brian To/
Joe Francis

Joe Francis donned the red carpet all tan and… plastic? This man definitely had some work done, right? I guess when you get out of jail, the best place to make your first public appearance is at an awards show [insert sarcasm here].

Photo credit: Brian To/

All in all, not too bad of a night. I expected worse, actually. But, when you have LMFAO at a party setting the bar for “Best Dressed,” you know you’re probably A-OK!

By the way, what did you think of Russell Brand’s opener? Comment!

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