Top 5 beauty tips to keep you fresh and vibrant

At the Three Custom Color Specialists headquarters in New York City, we help women turn back the clock with makeup. Keeping in mind how our complexions change year after year, here are the top five makeup application tips to keep you looking as fresh and vibrant as you feel!

Woma with fresh makeup and hair

Bring color back

As we age, our complexions tend to lose color and become duller. Adding a splash of cheery color to the lips and cheeks is always youthful. Try a sheer wash of pink in a moisturizing formula such as Pink Hyacinth Watercolours for Cheeks (also great on the lips!) by Three Custom Color Specialists.


You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Slather on a face cream every day and use a heavy-duty night cream. Definitely use a face cream with an SPF to prevent sun damage, too! However, make sure to let it set in for a good five minutes to keep your makeup application smooth and to prevent the sunscreen from affecting the color of any of your makeup products. Mario Badescu is one of my favorites and has terrific options for all skin types!

Go sheer on the lips

Dry, matte lipstick formulas can call attention to wrinkles around the lip area. Instead, try moisturizing, sheer formulas that nourish the lips. To keep lips moist, use a moisturizing balm before applying your lip color and don’t forget to apply at bedtime, too! Aquaphor is a pro-makeup artist favorite!

Consider your eyewear

Since lenses tend to make eyes look smaller, makeup should really be used to make the eyes look bigger, and work with the frames to draw attention to the whole eye area. First, make sure your eyebrows are well groomed. Glasses cast a shadow under the eyes, so use a slightly lighter shade of concealer to cover any dark circles. A great eye-opening trick is to use a flesh-toned eye pencil such as Three Custom Color Specialists’ Light Clarifier Pencil on the inner rim of the lower lid to whiten, brighten and make your eyes look big and beautiful. Next, add a dash of eyeliner on the upper lid and then thickening mascara (not lengthening, as long lashes can hit your lenses) to emphasize your eyes.

Use satin finish eyeshadows

As we age, skin around the eyes can become dry and crepe-like in appearance. Heavy flecks of shimmer can magnify even the tiniest wrinkle. Instead, try luminous (but not glittery!) shadows that have a smooth, satin finish. Also, avoid very matte shades that are often extremely difficult to blend on drier skin around the eyes. Laura Mercier has some nice easy-to-wear shades.

Chad Hayduk, Co-Founder and Creative Director of the NYC-based indie beauty brand, Three Custom Color Specialists, is an expert in makeup artistry and education. As a leader in color analysis, matching and custom blending, Chad lends his precise eye to developing new colors and products designed to meet women’s beauty needs; regardless of age, skin type or tone. Chad’s work has appeared in magazines, film and television, on the runway and in the theater. For more about Three Custom Color Specialists, visit and follow @Chad3c on twitter.

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