Hair mistakes that age you the most

No woman wants to look older than she is, but there are certain beauty mistakes we all make that add years to our youthful looks. Avoid any hair mishaps with our help!

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We chatted with Kyle White, Lead Colorist at the Oscar Blandi Salon, to find out the worst hair mistakes a woman can make if she’s looking to stay young. We’re unearthing them all in this revealing interview. Check it out, lovelies!

Aging color faux pas

The color of your locks can add or take off years from your age, and we’re sure you’d prefer to do the latter, so we asked White what color looks can add years to a woman’s look. Here’s what he had to say!

Too dark: “The two biggest color mistakes that can age you are having a very dark hair color such as solid black and dark brown, or having a very light color such as white-blonde or platinum. If you have very dark hair, every feature pops, amplifying every line and bag, so you want to soften the color.”

Too light: “As we mature, our skin begins to lose its warmth and becomes more sallow. If your hair is very light, it will rob your skin of any warmth that it may have. You never want your hair to match your skin because it will wash you out. At the same time, ash and platinum blondes can look gray, which ages you tremendously.”

Solid color: “Solid color, whether it’s dark or light, can be aging too. Natural hair color has tonal variations that artificial color does not, so highlights supplement that variance in dyed hair. As we age, hair also begins to thin, so incorporating lighter strands against a darker base color adds depth, giving the illusion of fullness.”

Cool tones: “Cool tones remove warmth from our skin, while warm tones add warmth. Since skin loses its color as we age, we can try to compensate by adding warmth to our hair color.”

Everyday hair faux pas

Your hair color or cut are only two mistakes that can age you; everyday hair care faux pas can really age your hair over time and make you look older in turn. White says frequent shampooing, flat irons, metal brushes and dyes with high ammonia levels can all force your hair into early aging. Why? Let’s break it down!

Frequent shampooing: If you can’t go more than a day without washing your locks, you should consider using dry shampoo — like the Oscar Blandi Pronto — a bit more often, beauties. White says frequent shampooing can take moisture from hair that is already dry and since our scalp produces less oil as we age, our gray hair needs that natural oil moisture. Slow down color fading and oxidation by cutting back on the shampooing and toss a dry shampoo in your purse for on the go touchups.

Flat irons and metal brushes: We all know that over-styling our hair can weaken it and cause split ends and fried strands, but metal brushes and flat irons can also break and dry hair. “These tools should only be used by a professional, and even then they should only be used rarely,” White says.

Dyes with high ammonia levels: If you’re using dyes with high levels of ammonia, you’re burning your hair for no reason, White says. Switch to a new, safe option like INOA by L’Oreal, a brand White uses himself, and your hair will thank you for it later!

Simple hair adjustments

No beauty mistake is ever irreversible, and you can always take years off your age with a few hair color adjustments. To make your look appear a bit younger, White suggests softening up dark color and going a level lighter. If you’re a white blonde, you can also add lowlights or a dark blonde gloss.

Another option? Add highlights to solid, dense hair color or add warmth to any hair shade with a gold gloss.

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