Worst fashion trends of 2011

We loved many of the 2011 fashion trends, but some were absolutely atrocious. Let’s take a look at some of the worst fashion trends of the year.

Fruit prints

Prints and patterns

Animal prints hung around throughout the year, but they weren’t the only dominant pattern. Snake prints, bold plaids and tiny polka dots were also a big part of 2011 fashion. These prints are all OK — in moderation. What’s not OK are the big bold fruit prints that many women wore in 2011. They are perfect for a tropical vacation, but not anywhere else.


Rompers and jumpsuits really shouldn’t be worn by anyone over 3 years old. Why they keep resurfacing in the fashion scene, we’ll never know. Let’s hope this is one trend that is dead and gone for 2012.

Belt purses

Not quite the fanny pack, but still just as ugly, the belt purse was hot for 2011. If you can’t handle holding your purse, maybe you should just stay home. No one wants to see your clutch attached to your hip.

Pajama jeans

Yes, they have been around for a couple years, but more and more women wore pajama jeans in 2011 than ever. If you want to be comfortable, just wear yoga pants (but please, no harem pants).


We really wanted to like capes and ponchos, but we just couldn’t. They aren’t figure-flattering and they are difficult to wear. We’ll stick to a classic peacoat, thank you.

Dolman sleeves

Dolman or batwing sleeves surged into the fashion world in the fall and made a big splash. Before you knew it, every top, sweater and dress in the store had dolman sleeves. Though the look isn’t bad, it was definitely overkill with this trend.

Worst beauty trends

Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. Let’s take a look at some of the worst beauty trends of the year as well.

  • Spider lashes
  • Red eyeshadow
  • Orange lipstick
  • Yellow eye makeup
  • Rainbow hair color
  • Nail polish strips
  • Crackle top coat

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