4 New Year’s hair resolutions

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to only address things like weight, diet and personal pitfalls. If you were a little naughty in the hair department in 2011, 2012 is the perfect time to turn things around and get that Pantene-worthy hair we all covet! Here are four resolutions to get you started.

Woman getting haircut

Air dry more, heat treat less

It’s pretty much a given that women want what they can’t have when it comes to their hair. If you were blessed with sexy curls but constantly flatiron them to achieve straight, sleek locks, or you curl your pin-straight strands each and every day, give your hair a break. Heat treating your hair too much can lead to fried strands and split ends, not to mention a major lack of shine! Resolve to air dry your hair at least once (or more, if you’re brave!) a week and your hair will thank you later.

Get cut frequently

It’s really easy to forget to reschedule your haircut, isn’t it? But the longer you wait, the worse your hair gets and the more filled your stylist’s calendar becomes. Resolve to get yourself on a regular haircut schedule this year and your hair will behave better than ever before! Plus, if you get your hair cut on a regular basis, it’ll be easier for your stylist to work with your hair’s shape!

Hair masks

If the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “mask” is Halloween, it’s likely you’re not a hair mask addict. 2012 is the perfect time to get acquainted with these hair-perfecting miracle workers. Applying a hair mask every or every other week can help add moisture to hair, recover strained heat-treated locks or prolong your color. Resolve to indulge those locks, ladies!

Switch up your look

If you’ve been sporting the same ‘do since college, it’s time to update things a bit! Whether you’re looking for a change in cut or even just want to start trying out different styles on an everyday basis, change things up in the hair department this year. Beauty is all about experimentation, and trying on new hairstyles is always a fun process!

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