8 Dresses that embrace the leopard trend (without going overboard)

Oct 31, 2011 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Leopard print is an eye-catching trend, but it can easily be overdone. We say that if you love leopard print, wear leopard print -- but keep our top leopard print picks in mind.

We see it season after season on the runways: Animal prints never seem to go out of style. This fall, the jungle is roaring. Leopard dots, giraffe and tiger prints are growing fiercer than ever, but as with every trend, it's possible to overdo it. Here are some dresses we found that embrace the trend -- but don't ravage it!

Adding an animal print piece to your outfit is a sure way to take the outfit from dull to fun and fabulous.

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The key to wearing leopard print -- whether at work or at play -- is to be as subtle as possible. For instance, pair a leopard print dress with a solid black bag and heels. This outfit allows for versatility because if you'd like to appear more conservative, you can button the suit jacket up, and if you'd like to be more casual, simply take the suit jacket off.

Remember that the leopard print is going to be the focal point of the outfit, so make sure all accessories and jewelry are as simplistic as possible. You don't want the leopard print combating other elements of your outfit.

Now, go out there -- and growl, girl!

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