If the bra fits, wear it

Oct 12, 2011 at 1:25 p.m. ET

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There's no better time to consider bras that fit, breast health and the confidence booster of knowing you've got one hot bra on under your clothes.

Woman having bra fitting

Having a bra that fits can determine our entire look. Our clothes, our posture and our confidence can go through the roof based on wearing the right cup and band size.

Most department stores offer great bra fitting services -- usually for free! -- and if you have never been to a fitting, you should do so immediately. Also, if you just had a baby, lost or gained weight or feel like your weight has repositioned itself, these are all reasons to go for a fitting as well.

Wearing the correct size over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder not only makes your clothes fit better, but it's also beneficial for your neck, shoulders and back.

Some advice for that bra fitting

You aren't going to get the proper measurements by measuring yourself, so let someone else measure you. Don't be shy: A measurement can be done over the bra you are wearing and over your T-shirt. If you plan on getting fitted, don't wear a thick shirt like a sweatshirt or sweater.

  • If you have large and/or sagging breasts, you should pull up on your bra's shoulder straps when the person is taking your band measurement so she can get the measuring tape under your breast for the best measurement.
  • If you wear a bra with padding or stuff your bra, then you aren't going to get an accurate measurement. If you plan on getting fitted, wear a bra without padding.
  • Not all fittings will tell you the "right" size, but they will usually give you a good place to start.
  • Try on different styles of bras. Every style fits and feels different and can "shape" your breast differently.
  • Never rush when trying on bras. Take the time to pay attention to how the bra fits and feels. Many women have had to take up to an hour or more trying on several different sizes and styles to find the bra that gave them the fit and feel they wanted.
  • If your bra fits correctly, it should not be painful or uncomfortable to wear.

Once you know your size, here's a list of some great inexpensive (an sexy!) bras for you to try out!

  1. Chantelle Icone T-Shirt bra ($44 on sale)
  2. Myla Hortensia Lace-trimmed Mesh Balcony Bra ($47 on sale)
  3. Wacoal French Garden Seamless Underwire Contour Bra ($62)
  4. Freya 'Deco AA4234' Plunge Underwire Bra ($60)
  5. Victoria's Secret Heartbreaker! Push-up Plunge Bra ($40)
  6. TopShop Lace Overlay Balcony Bra ($36)

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