Best hair accessories for gray hair

Add a small detail to your gray hair to give your whole look a youthful glow.

Woman with gray hair

1Add some flair.

Have fun accessorizing your gray tresses with little headbands, clips, scarves and headbands that can add a finishing touch to your outfit and give a youthful touch.

2Less is more.

Too many gems and crystals can look too young, but some cloth flower clips can be a youthful touch. Stick to black flowers; they will stand out against your gray hair and won’t get washed out. Stay away from metallics — especially gold, which will clash with your hair.

3Think about the whole look.

Consider your face shape, outfit and haircut. Small clips and headbands look great in short hair, while scarves and headbands work well in longer styles. Your very best accessory is a bottle of clear hair gel or mousse to style your hair and give it a natural glow. Styling products with colorings can actually tint gray hair.


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