Best eye shadow colors for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, you can wear almost every color on the color wheel, depending upon your skin tone. Unlike those with other eye colors, you can even wear eye shadow the same color as your eyes. In fact, brown and gold nicely complement brown eyes for the perfect day and evening look. Here are a few other combos and tips for brown eyes.

Woman with brown eyes and purple eyeshadow


For amber eyes, apply a green with gold undertones, such as Laura Mercier Sherazade, to the lids. In the creases, use a rich chocolate color, such as MAC Cosmetics Espresso. This combo makes the gold in your eye color absolutely sparkle.


For dark brown eyes, try combining a deep purple, such as Laura Mercier Kir Royal, with gray and lighter purple shadows to yield a smoky look.

eadventurous options

Brown eyes also look great with bronze, copper, burnt orange, gray and silver. Just remember to blend, blend, blend. When using these eye shadow colors for brown eyes, use three colors from the same color family. Apply the darkest color in the crease, the medium color on the eyelid and the lightest color just under the browbone.

Don’t clash

Blues and pinks can look good, but you have to be careful with the color selection so that the shadow doesn’t clash with your eyes and leave you looking like a clown. Choose pinks with gold and brown undertones. Avoid bright blues, but do try a navy blue paired with gray for a great nighttime look.

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