Tips for matching makeup & hair color

Whether you just achieved that fabulous hair color out of the bottle or you were born with it, matching your hair and makeup can be tricky. Here are a few tips for matching that perfectly colored coif with your face.

Women applying makeup

1Think in tones.

Is your hair platinum or sandy blonde? Chestnut or honey brown? The difference between those is the difference between warm and cool tones. If you have a warm hair color, using cool makeup colors might wash you out. If you have a cool hair color, using warm tones will bring light to your face, but cool tones will give you a more natural, less done-up look.

2Instead of match, contrast.

Familiarize yourself with the color wheel and choose makeup colors opposite on the wheel from your hair color. Using contrast this way helps bring out your hair color. For example, redheads look fantastic in green jewel tones. Turn yourself into your very own art project!

3For brunettes: Go easy.

If you want to match brown hair and neutral makeup, start small. Rather than putting brown blush on your cheeks, try a brownish pink — which gives a healthy, youthful, fresh glow. For eye color, work with a series of brown eyeshadows that will give dimension to your eyes, especially if you put a darker color along your eyelid crease.

4For blondes: Go bronze.

Bronze tones look fantastic on blondes. They have a way of sculpting the face that gives you a defined beauty. Bronzers aren’t just for summer, either. Brush a muted bronze tone across winter cheeks. Sweep bronze across eyelids to bring out those pretty peepers.

5For redheads: Go muted.

Choosing makeup colors can be difficult for redheads. Rather than standard pinks and blacks, always go for muted tones. Brownish-pink blush and brownish-red lipstick look less clownish than their unmated counterparts. Finish the look off with a brown or brown black mascara.

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