Hey y'all, we're happy to say it is 2017 and there are so many antiquated fashion rules you need to be breaking, like, yesterday. Your shoes don't have to match your belt, mixing prints and patterns is a total "yes," and black and navy totally look good together. And, for the love of God, you can — and should — wear white after Labor Day.

Still skeptical? We've come up with over half a dozen ways to make white look good all year long, and in any fashion season. If the celebs can do it, so can we.

1. Pair white with leather

Image: WENN.com

There's nothing that screams fall more than leather. So why not do as Kim Kardashian did and rock a white turtleneck tank (also very autumn appropriate) with a pair of black leather pants? This outfit is perfect for late September or early October, when the weather's just starting to cool off and you don't quite need a jacket.

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2. Sport some faux fur

Image: Michael Carpenter/WENN.com

There's no denying the fact that white is one of Olivia Palermo's favorite colors. The socialite and style icon wears it very well here, tossing a brown fur vest over the top of her wintry white suit. Not a fan of pantsuits? Try a white faux fur vest styled with a plain black long-sleeved top (à la Palermo), a pair of skinny jeans and some pointy-toe heels or suede boots.

Next up: Slip into white skinnies

Originally published September 2015. Updated August 2017.

3. Slip into white skinnies

Image: WENN.com

No need to tuck your white skinny jeans away for the winter. Instead, break them out on a cold day, and style them with a snuggly sweater like Eva Longoria's. To look a little less summery, opt for a sweater in a dark, jewel-toned color (think purple or navy).

4. Wear white accessories

Image: WENN.com

We love how Kylie Minogue accessorized her light brown leather jacket and casual skinnies with a simple white scarf and matching white handbag. It's a fresh, fun take on an otherwise typical fall look. Plus, it brightens up her entire ensemble in a novel way, which we heart.

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5. Pick heavier fabrics

Image: Apega/WENN.com

Despite its undeniable association with summer, white, when worn in heavier fabrics such as wool, is an extremely winter-friendly hue. Take Jessica Alba, for instance. She's sporting a gorgeous, oversize white coat with white dress pants and a coordinating white top. Forget the flimsy silk shirts and cotton tees. This outfit isn't just warm — it's comfy and totally suitable for the season.

Next up: Rock a white graphic sweater

6. Rock a white graphic sweater

Image: Apega/WENN.com

In case you haven't noticed, graphic sweaters are seriously in for fall! Don't go with a cute knit in an expected color, though — choose something that's light and fun and out of the box. We're digging Lauren Conrad's casual “Ho! Ho! Ho!” sweater. Dress it up with heels, or keep it chill with flats.

7. Try off-white

Image: WENN.com

Still a little bit wary of donning full-on white? Experiment with creams and other off-white shades to give you the same effect but not as bright. Kate Middleton looks stunning in this coat, right?