Product review: Coolway Straightener

A straightener that minimizes harsh heat damage? Sign us up! Find out how this one worked.


Coolway Flat Iron Starter Kit (, $100)Name this product:

Coolway Flat Iron Starter Kit (, $100)

What the product claims to do:

The Coolway Flat Iron Starter Kit provides you with soft, smooth, shiny, stronger hair. It works fast and with no heat damage.

How it worked for me:

The straightener made my hair sleek and it didn’t feel as hot as other straighteners I’ve used. Initially, it feels hot, but after you calculate your ideal temperature, the heat level significantly goes down. The instructions were also very straightforward and it’s a user friendly product. I don’t use a straightener often enough to say whether it gave my hair less damage, but it did feel less harsh.

How this product looks and feels:

The product is sleek and has the appearance of a typical straightener. However, it feels less harsh and hot, which is great.

What I liked about this product:

I liked knowing that the temperature wasn’t as harsh as typical straighteners. I’m always concerned about heat damage, so this was a major plus for me!

What I would change about this product:

I know it’s the point behind the straightener (that the products you use help achieve the ideal temperature and minimize heat damage), but I found it annoying to have to use a specific product before using it.

Describe the application process, how often you used the product and for how long: 

You have to use a spray by the brand before straightening hair. This helps you get your ideal temperature and also minimize heat damage. Then you can straighten away!

I would recommend this product for: 

Women concerned about heat damage to their hair.

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