5 Wash-n-go styles

Jul 20, 2010 at 8:41 a.m. ET

Stepping straight out of your shower and into your dream ‘do would be, well, a dream, right?

Woman with low bun

As much as we wish we could wave our magic hair wands and make that possible, right from the shower hair to a jaw-dropping coif isn't something we can promise. But we'll give you the next best thing—5 fabulous looks that are as close to straight out of the shower as stylishly possible.


This is an easy way to get great volume without fuss or damaging heat. The most time consuming step of this whole process is simply sleeping. You've got to love that! Start with an evening shower and then set damp hair in curlers. If you're just looking for volume, no curl, go with the biggest curlers you can find. The more curl you want, the smaller the curlers. It really is just set them and forget them from this point. Remove the curlers when you wake up and you'll find a dry head of amazing volume or frizz-less curls that just needs to be finger tossed into place.


When your hair is wet, brush it into a tight, low braid. You can keep it in the braid all day for a laid back, but clean look. Alternatively, you can let the braid loose when it's nearly dry. You'll have a fun wavy look or retro crimped coif depending on how tight you went with your braid.


For the ultimate in tight buns, put your hair up when it's wet. Just brush your hair into a ponytail at whatever level you like. Right by the crown of your hair will give you a ballerina type look and at the nape of your neck will be more of that stereotypical secretary look. Twist your hair and then wrap it around the elastic and secure with pins. Because hair shrinks when it dried, your chignon will be super tight in no time.


Take wet hair and add in a ton of wet-look hold product. Use your fingers to massage the product into your hair, focusing on the roots. Comb it straight back, avoiding a part, and secure it in a low ponytail or bun. You'll have a slick, very 1950s businessman look. Retro menswear is chic this season, why not play around with men's retro inspired hair?


Run a comb through your hair post shower to create a defined part and then let it air dry how it will. If totally bare is too daring for your hair type, add in an anti-frizz serum. If you have curly hair, try a straightening product. Without heat, it won't totally straighten your hair, but will relax your curls so they're closer to wavy. Once your mane is dry, run your fingers through it and embrace the easy, natural look.

From shower straight to style with as few detours as possible. Unless you're James Carville, hair styling can't get any simpler.

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