Hair 911 fast fixes: Limp hair

Jul 16, 2010 at 11:35 p.m. ET

While we all have dull or drab hair days, limp hair is an entirely different matter. Limp hair is usually very fine in texture and wilts under heavy shampoos and conditioners that weigh it down -- so it requires just the right products.

Woman wearing rollers

Dry shampoo and Velcro rollers

"Two of my favorite easy-fix tricks are dry shampoo and Velcro rollers," says Emily Hudspeth, a hair design and makeup artist. We know the drill with dry shampoo: Simply spray it on the roots, and this product instantly gives life and lift since it absorbs any oil that may weight the hair down. But there's a way to up the value: Try Velcro rollers in already dry hair to lift the roots and create movement. Just leave it in with some light-hold hairspray as you putter around doing your makeup, and you'll see instant volume.

Chemical treatments

As an alternative, there are always chemical treatments such as coloring and highlighting. Chemical processes tend to lift the cuticle and create lift and fullness. While you are at it, consider a new style that pumps your hair up rather than weighing it down.

"I would avoid one solid hair color because it shows no dimension, and I would avoid a lot of layers," says Bosley Professional Strength celeb stylist, Dean Banowetz, a hair stylist on the set of American Idol. Then, try a little teasing. "To perk up flat hair, take a narrow-toothed comb and do some back combing in the crown area. This creates a cushion and the illusion of more hair," Banowetz says.

The technical side

"To pump up limp locks, start by washing your hair with a shampoo that adds volume, like the Volume Line from Oribe Canales. Products like this are perfect because they are slightly astringent and have no moisturizers to weigh hair down," says Yvette Cannas, master designer and mentor at Samuel Cole Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina. She furthers that color-treated hair may need a light spray detangler for the ends.

Next, apply Oribe's Volumista to the roots and Crème for Style on the ends, then blow dry the hair upside down until most of the water is out. After blow drying, use a large round brush to finish the ends. Quick Tip

At all costs, though, avoid fussing with your hair too much: That moves oil around and makes it go limp faster!

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