Hair 911 fast fixes: Frizzy hair

Jul 15, 2010 at 10:46 a.m. ET

Frizz can be frightening -- but you can manage it with a few fixes every girl should know. Whether you’re embracing your texture and wearing your hair more naturally, or you're doing a beautiful blowout, be armed and ready.

Frizzy hair

1Be careful when towel drying after the shower.

Ssqueeze or blot the moisture out with your towel. Avoid rough, quick movements and messy towel drying, which can start the style off with frizz.

2Use protective products.

Consult with your stylist about a product that contains a heat protector. Frizz is a common result of styling-tool heat damage and the summer sun. Evenly distributing the correct styling products can prevent this effect.

3Pay attention to your blow drying technique.

Point the airflow of your blow dryer down to help reduce frizz. Blow drying in the opposite direction of the hair strand creates frizz.

4Try a Brazilian BlowOut Keratin Treatment.

This smoothing treatment maintains hair volume and body because it does not completely straighten the hair. The treatment helps soften the hair's natural curl pattern, allowing hair to still achieve curly or wavy styles. It prevents frizz even when the hair is air dried without a blow dryer. This blowout method washes away with time, so there is no noticeable difference between new hair and treated hair. Unlike other treatments, the Brazilian blowout does not contain carcinogens or harsh chemicals, such as formaldehyde.

5Frizzy hair indicates a lack of moisture control.

This dryness can be caused by over shampooing, heat styling or chemically processing the hair. A simple fix is to apply shampoo only to the scalp and massage the dirt, sweat and oils away. You can also try using water only and massaging the scalp to rinse away oils.

6A leave-in conditioner can help.

Shampoo and condition in the shower as you normally do. Once out of the shower, avoid twisting and rubbing with your hands or a towel, because this roughs up the cuticle and creates frizziness. Apply a leave-in conditioner and detangle the hair with a large-tooth comb. Be careful: Brushing wet hair can cause breakage.

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