How to get va-va-voom volume

Aug 24, 2009 at 4:20 a.m. ET

Lusting after those sex kitten photos of supermodels with insanely voluminous hair? Well, you're in luck; most women aren't born with tons of volume, so you can get it too. Check out these simple steps so you too can get that volume you've always wanted.

Woman with voluminous hair

Start in the shower

If you have fine, thin hair your first step to voluminous locks starts in the shower. Try a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to help add some extra oomph. Look for products that are protein-based. Since hair is made of keratin (a type of protein) the protein in the shampoo bonds to the hair and helps create body.

Use a root lifter

A root lifter is one of those oft-overlooked yet amazing hair products. Root lifters often come in a spray or mouse form. Simply spray a bit of the product on wet hair, focusing mostly on the crown and aimed at the roots. Then blow dry with a paddle or round brush as usual.

Extra Volume Tip: Make sure to aim the nozzle right at the roots and pull hair in the opposite direction to create tension and a bigger lift.

Backcomb, spray and dry

If you're wearing your hair straight, backcombing is an easy way to get some instant volume. Section off the mid portion of your hair that you want to tease and use a fine-toothed teasing comb for the job. Make sure to not tease the topmost section of the hair so you don't end up with a ratty mess. Instead, tease the portion of hair right below the topmost layer. Hairspray the teased portion at the roots and for a quick style, dry the hair-sprayed portion with your blow dryer.

Extra Volume Tip: Don't forget to smooth hair over the teased portion for a natural look. Finish off with some hairspray over your entire hair.


If your hair is naturally curly, you too can get some extra volume just by using a diffuser when drying your hair. You can get this attachment at any local beauty store and many hair dryer's come with them already.

Go light on products

One place many women go overboard is with the amount of product they use in their hair. If you have naturally curly or wavy hair and are used to using a straightening balm or serum, go light on your usage. Many of these products actually weigh the hair down. Be especially light about the amount you apply near your roots.

Try rollers

If you're a bit more strapped for time in the morning, try some rollers instead. You can put in large, soft rollers overnight at the crown or put them in while you're applying your makeup in the morning. By the time you're ready to head out the door simply remove the rollers and use a little hairspray for hold.


Are your grown-out layers making weighing your hair down? Sometimes a simple haircut is all you'll need to get some extra volume. For limp, lifeless locks, some short or long layers will add the illusion of extra volume and thickness. Try just a trim if a you're not ready for a major change. It's amazing how that slight length change can help with voluminous lift.

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