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Name Meaning Origin
Erma Complete. War goddess. German Baby Names, Teutonic Baby Names, American Baby Names
Ilma Resolute protector. Strong helmet. , feminine form of Wilhelm. German Baby Names
Ira Watchman; making bare; pouring out. Biblical Names, Hebrew Baby Names, American Baby Names
Iram The effusion of them, a high heap. Biblical Names
Iram Heaven. Garden. Muslim Baby Names
Iras Antony and Cleopatra'. Lady attending on Cleopatra. Shakespearean Baby Names
Irma noble. German Baby Names, Latin Baby Names, American Baby Names
Irta Pearl. Greek Baby Names
Na’ima Comfort. Happiness. Benefit. Tranquility. Peace. Muslim Baby Names
Rima White antelope. Arabic Baby Names
Shaa’ira Poetess. Muslim Baby Names
Sha’ira Poetess. Muslim Baby Names

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