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Kimberly is a traditional English name that can be used for any gender but is most commonly feminine. The name Kimberly means "From the wood of the royal forest" or "from the royal fortress meadow" — so it's a perfect pick for little queens and kings as well as nature-minded families.

The name Kimberly skyrocketed in popularity at the beginning of the 1960s and hit peak in 1967; by the '70s it was experiencing a quick decline and it hasn't quite resurfaced since, which makes it a unique pick for modern babes. If you like the vibe of the '60s, you could also go with these names that rose to fame during the decade: Carol, Stephanie, Melissa, Nicole, Amanda, Lisa, or Michelle.

Other popular/similar "K" names include the unisex Kennedy and Kinsley, as well as the more commonly feminine Kenzie, Kaylie, Kylie, Khloe, Katherine, Keira, Kaitlyn and Kayleigh. Other old-fashioned baby girl names that have "royal" in their meaning, similar to Kimberly, include Alice, Sarah, and Sadie. Or you can spin off the "forest/meadow" part of Kimberly's meaning with nature-inspired, woodsy names like Acacia, Beverly, Bethany, Daphne, Eloise, Kalina, or Willow.

Famous Kimberlys include: musicians Lil' Kim, Kim Gordon, and Kim Carnes; actors Kim Cattrall, Kim Novak, Kimberly Elise Trammel, and Kim Basinger; and of course entrepreneur and reality TV mogul Kim Kardashian.

Kimberly in quotes:

"I am actually very in touch with all of my emotions, from joy to pain, and I am free with them." — Kimberly Elise

"I had a lot of resentment for a while toward Kim Novak. But I don't mind her anymore. She's okay. We've become friends." — Kim Novak

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