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Austin began as a surname but then became popular as a first name, traditionally for boys although it's climbing as a favorite for any gender. The name comes from the Latin Augustine, which means "majestic," "venerable," or "magic dignity."

Other boys' names with similar meanings include Aaron, Asher, Bennett, Barack, Matthew, and Thaddeus. Other names with Latin roots include Oliver, Lucas, Leo, Anthony, Adrian, Christian, Santiago, Francis, and Maximilian. Or if you're a fan of Austin, you may like other city-inspired or otherwise geographical names: Cheyenne, London, Phoenix, Jackson, Dallas, Brooklyn, or Madison.

Austin began increasing in popularity in the 1970s and '80s, reaching peak usage in 1995-1997 before swiftly dropping off. Still, it has never since dropped as low as it was in the '80s or earlier. Overall, Austin has been in the U.S. top 10 names for boys five times.

Famous Austins throughout history and pop culture include early 20th century English artist Austin Osman Spare, philosopher J.L. Austin, actor Austin Pendleton, professional basketball player Austin Rivers, musician Austin Mahone, professional wrestler Austin Aries, and of course fictional ladies' man Austin Powers, 'International Man of Mystery.'

Austin in quotes:

“We become obsessed with 'truth' when discussing statements, just as we become obsessed with 'freedom' when discussing conduct...Like freedom, truth is a bare minimum or an illusory ideal.”
— J. L. Austin

'Learning' will cease and Reality will become known when it comes to pass that every human being is an Artist.” ― Austin Osman Spare, 'Book of Pleasure in Plain English'

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