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Alex is a name with Greek roots that works for any gender. It's commonly a nickname for Alexandra or Alexander, which means "defender of mankind." It can also be short for Alessandro, Alexandre, Alexandria, Alejandro, Alexandro, Alejandrin, Alexandrino, Alexa, or Alexis; Alex in turn has its own nicknames, such as Lex or Al or Axx.

Names with similar meanings include Alistair, Alasdair, Alvaro, Alek or Alec, Eamon, Edmond, Edward, Eduardo, Gopal, Haward, Millard, Olek, Rae, Sigmund, Ted, Verner, Ward, and Zander.

Famous Alexes include Alexander Hamilton, Alexanders I and II of Russia, Alexander von Humboldt, Alexander Pushkin, Pope Alexander VI, writer Alexander Pope, diplomat Alex Allan, and athletes Alex Arthur, Alex Asensi, Alex Auld, and Alex Avila.

Popularity-wise, Alex is name #55 for 2021 in the United States — not too shabby, especially considering it wasn't in the top 100 in 2019.

Alex in quotes:

“Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall never be disappointed.” — Alexander Pope

"Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.” — Alexander Hamilton


English Baby Names Meaning:

In English Baby Names the meaning of the name Alex is: Abbreviation of Alexander defender of mankind.

Greek Baby Names Meaning:

In Greek Baby Names the meaning of the name Alex is: Defender of men; protector of mankind.

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