Val Heart

Val Heart got her start in animal communication more than 25 years ago when an injured mare spontaneously told her why the wound on her hip wouldnt heal.  Through the conversation, Val and the owner were astonished as the wound simply disappeared right before their eyes as she shared her story! 

 Today, Val is a leading animal communication expert, internationally recognized pet psychic and master healer and teacher. Val can help you learn how to create a magical bond between you and your animal and get at the root of what is really going on in their life. 

 Not the typical animal communicator or teacher, her specialty is healing and solving problems with pets through a uniquely powerful spiritual journey.  Students find her training to be life changing and profound. 

 If you want to learn how to talk to animals yourself, and you dont want to waste a lot of time, energy and money chasing your tail on expensive onsite coursework, then Val can help!  The Heart School Method of teaching animal communication is designed to give you exactly what you need to open, explore and master the telepathic energetic communication channels between you and animals.

  Her mission and passion is to reach and teach One Million Animal Lovers around the world.  improve the lives of animals the world over by helping humans learn how to speak their language, understand their viewpoints, and heal.  After all, its our love of animals that helps us learn how to be better humans, and the more balanced and healthy we are, the more balanced and healthy they can be too. 

 Can you imagine how great your life and relationship with your animals will be when you know how to speak their language?  Let Val show you how easy it is to hear your animals voice and access their wisdom.