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I grew up in the '80s and '90s when Special K commercials were 'pinching inches' and low-fat diets were all the rage. From an early age I was very aware of weight and was interested in knowing the 'right' way to eat to ensure I would be thin. 

I am 5'3'' and have a muscular build. I will never be tall and lithe like the models on television, but throughout my childhood and early-adult years, this is exactly the look I strived for and beat myself up for not attaining.

My interest in health and nutrition first came from my heightened interest and mild obsession with my weight. My interest deepened when I was living on my own at the young age of 18, far from home, with zero guidance from my parents. I got really sick with what I figure was strep throat. I was working a part-time, minimum wage job and had no money to go to the doctor. I fought off the infection with orange juice, water, and rest. That experience opened my eyes to the amazing ability of the human body to heal itself. After that experience I read every nutrition book I could get my hands on and pursued my degree in Human Nutrition. 

In the meantime, I traveled around a bit, moving from place to place; experience to experience. Then while in college, I took a summer job on Monhegan Island in Maine and my life was changed forever. I met my husband there and after graduating college moved to this little island of the coast of Maine where I have been ever since. Living on this small island has definitely challenged me nutritionally. Because of my remote living situation, I have to be creative in getting fresh, whole foods.

When I first moved to the island, I gained a lot of weight. Partly out of the social lifestyle of cocktails, cheese and crackers every evening but also the low availability of wholesome foods. The first three years on the island, I gained over 45 lbs. without even noticing. Then one day I looked myself honestly in the mirror and I said, 'I have to make a change'. That is when I started to learn the real lessons of good nutrition and applying all that I had learned in my life to myself.

I had practiced yoga since my early 20's. On my weight-loss journey, I found applying the yoga tenets of kindness and compassion to myself was integral to me losing the weight and keeping it off.  Prioritizing exercise, time for cooking healthy meals, and mindfulness towards my choices have been the keys for me to lose the weight and keep it off. 

From growing up with a lot of focus on my weight to learning about how good nutrition can help us all live longer, happier lives; my life experience along with my education enables me to successfully guide my clients on their journey to the healthy weight and nourished body and minds they deserve.

It is my passion to share my knowledge and experience to inspire others to take back their bodies and health so that they too can live long, happy lives.