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Suzanne Foreman

So....I am past the half century mark and frankly,I'm a little big for my age. I write what about moves me, and if it can be filtered to be entertaining without losing impact, that's the route I will take. Human beings are fascinating critters and human nature full of quirks and foibles. When we can read about one another's, it strengthens the tribe. A  woman my age cannot only discourse on the circus of midlife and menopause, but she's not so far away from what it felt like to be a teenager coming out in the 1970s, falling in love for the first time, living through the rollercoaster craziness of the early days of AIDS, feminism, humanism, and a whole lotta other stuff. I think of it this way: Write what you know, but don't be afraid to wonder. Postulate, don't pontificate. Listen well and take the time to check in with how you feel about stuff before jerking that knee. Some of my references may be dated, but they are also rich with  the patina  of timelessness .Play with delicious words like diddly-squat, and flibbertigibbet. If there isn't a right word, make one up, but do it really well because it still must have meaning. Ideas matter. Sharing ideas fertilizes the future while honoring  his/herstory. Get your bare toes into the Earth,drink lots of water, and play fair.

Let's just leave it there for now.