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Stephanie Dolce started her writing career writing poetry, which sold internationally and also for The Hopper House in Nyack, NY where she was born and raised. in 2001, one of Stephanie's poems, "Mess for You," was turned into a song and was played live on Z100 in NYC.

Stephanie then took a break from writing and concentrated on a career in education and cheerleading. It was only after she wrote her first book, "A Bird's Eye View," in 2008, which sold internationally, that she decided to make writing a full time career and started her own publishing company, Sassybooks.

It wasn't until she was bullied on Twitter, by the guy whom she wanted to date, that opened the doors for her to write about relationships, social media, and online dating.  Her books, "Sex, Lies and Twitter," and the follow-up, "Victim No More," address such issues as well as what to do if you are cyber-bullied.

Stephanie's sassy, raw, controverisal and to the point writing has captured the minds, hearts and even souls of millions worldwide.  in 2013, she started to write for a local newspaper,  as a blogger, reporting on the single life, hers and observations as well as launching "the Cupid Project."
She has since then written for many websites, and has launched her own brand, SassyGirlPR.