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Stephanie Dionne profile image

1.  I am 37...11/23 -in case you want to send me a card :)

2.   I have 2 college degrees, a state teaching certification, and am a college professor.

3.   I believe in make believe and therefore am a BIG Disney fan.

4.   I am a perfectionist/over achiever (depending who you ask).

5.   I LOVE music, especially Country; but, my favorite song of all time is not a country one (It’s Unchained Melody).

6.   I will read almost anything and I often do.

7.   I write relatively well.

8.   I tend to keep to myself; therefore, not many people truly know me.

9.   I love to sing, even though I’m not great at it.

10.  I love sports, especially baseball and football (NY METS and NY GIANTS!).

11.  “Scoop” has been my nickname for almost 20 years (as an avid reader, I tend to have a lot of useless knowledge).

12.  I am a good listener.

13.  I hate spiders and snakes.

14.  I am claustrophobic and I get motion sickness.

15.  I love to watch ANYTHING on The Food Network or HGTV.

16.  It is because of the above that I consider myself a decent cook! But, I don’t do renos.

17.  I may be “obsessed” with the Scott Brothers (The Property Brothers and their older brother, JD). A girl can dream, right?

18.  I aim to live life to the fullest and am truly excited to learn what the future holds for me.

19.  I am not afraid to make fun of myself/I never take myself seriously.

20.  I am fascinated by magic.

21.  I love my niece and nephews the most in this world and live every day to show them that.

22.  My biggest dream is to teach a class full of students who want to be there.

23.  My dream guy is a man with a desire to learn and explore much like my own; and, who can teach me something.

24.  I believe in second chances.

25.  I am perpetually single and it’s NOT by choice.