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Sabrina Perkins

I'm a freelance writer, full-time blogger and Editor-In-Chief and creator of Seriously Natural a blog on Natural hair, beauty and style. I also own Seriously Natural Boutique where I create beautiful clothing for Women of Color.  

I have had featured articles on Black Girl Long Hair, BlogHer, xoJane and is a contributing writer on, and
I've been natural for 11 years but only embraced and nurtured by tresses for 6 years.  It wasn't until I embraced the Curly Girl Method  did my hair start thriving and I was able to see the best growth I've ever had in 2013.  I love sharing the ins and outs of natural hair and honest opinions on products and services.  

I am happily married, a mother of two teenagers and daily growing into a Natural Hair expert and a minimalist. I also write creatively and feel a novel is in my future. 

My background is in government regulation and I have been directly involved in local and national politics. I have a BA in Political Science and a Master’s in Public Administration.
Twitter: @naturalsabrina
Pinterest: Seriously Natural

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