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Rachael Moshman

  • I am a lifelong Florida resident, but hate the heat.
  • I also hate roller coasters, but love theme parks.
  • I have worked in several different industries, including the nonprofit sector, childcare centers, retail stores and a major newspaper corporation.
  • I hosted children's birthday parties at McDonald's in my teens and still have a scar on my arm from a hot fry basket.
  • My greatest achievement is becoming the last mom to my daughter through adoption from the foster care system when she was nine years old.
  • In addition to my husband and daughter, I live with four cats, a dog and a mannequin named Vivian.
  • I am a magazine junky, own too many shoes and collect tons of recipes that I never attempt to make.
  • Taking typing class in middle school is one of the best decisions I've ever made - my handwriting is horrendous!
  • I love pizza, ice cream, YA fiction, unicorns, hot pink and Netflix. Yes, I'm basically still 12.  
  • I blog about weight loss, healthy living and body acceptance at  
  • Come find me on Instagram at seekerofsilly and @rachaelmoshman on Twitter.