Phyllis Myung

Phyllis Myung is a freelance writer, content creator, consultant, and speaker. She has background in education and political science with a stint in finance. Her diverse background has given her a breadth of experience in writing, social media strategy and execution, relationship management, event planning, and working with children and parents.

She is a startup enthusiast and enjoys creating new spaces for topics, products, and issues that are not always heard about. In giving voice to her Asian American experience and growing up with immigrant parents, Phyllis blogs at her personal lifestyle blog, Her blog focuses on the Asian American and immigrant experience voice in life, but mostly from a parenting perspective.

She loves to connect people and to also connect great brands with people. Her expertise lies in the blogger-brand relationship as she has worked on both sides of the fence, especially in the entrepreneurial space. She actively utilizes all platforms of social media as a means of connection, but also loves to reach out directly via the old fashioned way by meeting up in person, conversing over the phone, or even through postage stamped mail.

Phyllis enjoys public speaking and recently presented as one of the Voices of the Year for 2014 at BlogHer in San Jose, CA. She also is the co-producer of the Listen To Your Mother Show in Boston and spoke at the 2013 Listen To Your Mother show in Providence, RI. She also has spoken on topics about faith in the family and organizing finances as a recent college graduate through her church in Brookline, MA.

Phyllis is available for short and long-term writing assignments, social media consulting and management, and speaking engagements.