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Nicole Cline

Hi There! I’m Nicole Cline, a twenty-something Connecticut based food blogger, recipe developer, obsessive baker and the kitchen enthusiast behind Seasonly! I frequently refer to myself as an “entrepreneur turned intrapreneur” (continue reading and you’ll see why!). Currently, I work for an association in Connecticut but before that I:

  • Owned two businesses and was managing director in a fundraising and event planning start-up.
  • Cooked in professional kitchens!

My passion for food creations started at my technical high school, where I graduated with a diploma focused on the culinary arts trade. Armed with professional kitchen basics, I developed a diverse professional culinary background working everywhere from popular local diners to high-volume production kitchens to fine dining establishments, all of which helped me obtain my bachelor’s degree.

I started Seasonly as an outlet to write, learn, share, develop technical skills and contribute to this growing community of food enthusiasts. My goal is to bring all of these kitchen experiences to you, the home cook, in a non-intimidating, easily understood way.