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Les And Seth Gold

Les Gold:

The charismatic patriarch of the Gold family, Les built American Jewelry and Loan from the ground up.  Les is an old school, hard-nosed pawnbroker at heart with a passion for collecting unusual items and a nose for deals – and people. Les is also the New York Times Bestselling Author of For What It’s Worth: Business Wisdom from a Pawnbroker.


Seth Gold:

Seth has worked full-time at American Jewelry and Loan since graduating from college.  Seth prides himself on bringing a contemporary corporate structure to his family business and revolutionizing their marketing efforts, and he never hesitates to point out to his father where there is room for improvement.  A forward-thinking businessman, Seth is always looking to bring American Jewelry and Loan to the next level. In 2013 the National Pawnbrokers Association recognized Seth Gold as “Pawnbroker of the Year” for his tireless commitment to supporting the pawn industry on a local and national level. In addition to running the pawnshop, Seth has started a new podcast, Gold Tone, with CBS’ where he discusses a variety of topics from business to sports to entertainment with some celebrity guests from Perez Hilton to Wendy Williams.