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Laurie White

My name is Laurie, or @LaurieWrites on your Internet. I started blogging in 2005 (aka "before Twitter" and in a time when I apparently believed purple font was okay -- please don't read my archives), joined BlogHer as an original contributing editor in 2006, and haven't shut up since. I also picked up a multimedia journalism degree a few years ago, and left a career in college teaching and counseling to work in words and pictures full-time. 

I love writing, editing, taking pictures, any social media platform that has been or ever will be invented, food, music, traveling, smooshy-faced dogs, and the challenges and joys of online community.  A previous editor at DraftDaySuit and a pop culture writer at the late, great MamaPop, I currently write about entertainment for Babble, contribute to TueNight and to BlogHer, and manage community and communications for Mom 2.0 Summit

I live in the very same Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C. where I was born,  where I dream of managing awesome things online from a deck by the ocean or a New York brownstone, depending on the day.  Wherever I am, you can find me @lauriewrites on Twitter, @laurieanne on Instagram, and on Pinterest, too. 

BlogHer and blogging changed my life. Nothing in my writing career has meant more to me than speaking as an original BlogHer Voice of the Year and at the BlogHer Food '13 Closing Keynote. Nothing.

I hope you'll share your story, too. It matters.