Kim Bongiorno
Kim Bongiorno is an author, freelance writer, and the award-winning blogger behind Let Me Start By Saying. Sign up for her Sunday newsletter here: Her words have appeared on/in NickMom, LifetimeMoms, The Mid, The Huffington Post, In The Powder Room, Momtastic, Mamalode, iVillage, Today’s Mama, Nickelodeon ParentsConnect, Parents Magazine, QueenLatifah, PopSugar, EverydayFamily, ScaryMommy, The Good Men Project, Mommy Shorts, Rants from Mommyland, Bonbon Break, BlogHer, All4Women, The Mouthy Housewives, FitFusion, gDiapers, Centsless Deals, NinjaMom, and others. She is included in 7 anthologies: The Bigger Book of Parenting tweets (April 2015) I STILL Just Want to Pee Alone (March 2015) Scary Mommy's Guide to Surviving the Holidays (2014) I Just Want to Be Alone (2014) "You Have Lipstick on Your Teeth" (2013) I Just Want to Pee Alone (2013) A New York Times Best Seller! Fifty Shades of Funny: Hook-Ups, Break-Ups and Crack-Ups (2012) She wrote a 5-star-rated fiction collection, Part of My World: Short Stories (2013), and her first YA fiction manuscript is currently being shopped to various publishing houses by Craig Wiley of The Wiley Agency. Kim lives in New Jersey with her handsome husband and two charmingly loud kids, who she pretends to listen to while playing on Facebook and Twitter. If she were less tired, she'd totally add something really clever to her bio so you'd never forget this moment.