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Welcome to the chaos!

I'm Katy, and in between juggling twin toddler boys, a rowdy teen stepdaughter, a handful of fish, a rescue pup and one lazy snail as a single Mama, I also work full time in sales and somehow manage to nurture my creative soul through a variety of community-minded projects in Virginia Beach, VA. 

I focus a good bit of my energy towards teaching and empowering others to properly use their cameras, encouraging and equipping small business owners to confidently leap into the social media arena with the Hampton Roads Creative and even have a bit of spare time to mentor at-risk children with unbridled talent to help channel their emotions and personal life experiences through art. 

If you're looking for a rock solid copywriter and social media manager, I'm the gal to talk to. As a managing partner at NerdyGirl Writers, I lead a powerhouse team of efficient writers and motivated social media engagers with expertise in a multitude of arenas. Let me help you shift your focus back to your business and leave the heavy lifting to us! Helping small business owners, busy moms and motivated professionals reach their goals is my number one priority. 

Add to the list owner of Hampton Roads' newest photography studio with my gal pal Somer AnneThe Studio Hampton Roads is my newest and most exciting adventure, and oh wait, don't forget my new mommy blog, Chaos & Kiddos. Last but not least, The Modern Femme Movement is the annual convention and trade show my business partner and I host for 900 female entrepreneurs to help encourage and support a balanced and fulfilled personal and professional life. Yup, I'm one busy gal. Call me crazy, but life is good. Very, very good.

I'm not sure how I manage to keep it all together, but I've got a good feeling that my obsessive compulsive disorder and raging perfectionism probably keep me running at the speed of light, however precariously. Blessed beyond measure and not afraid to get my hands dirty.