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In 2013, I was in the prime of my life. I great job, a terrific husband and an awesome kid. I was killing it! Except I wasn't. In fact, I was miserable. My job as an OB/GYN was sucking the life out of me. My life was passing me by, and I knew it. I couldn't slow down to smell the coffee and enjoy it. I didn't sleep well, I was always worried about something, and I didn't feel well. I knew something was wrong, just didn't know what.  Then it happened, I got the call that forever changed my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My cancer diagnosis finally allowed me to take the time I desperately needed to look around, see and appreciate what I have. I learned how to be healthy and well, something that the years of medical school and residency never did. I now preach what I practice, living well, feeling well and most of the time being happy in beautiful, midcoast Maine. I work with other women both in my office and online at so that they can live well too.