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I'm a food-focused mom, award-winning blogger and at-home chef dedicated to creating a foodie child and family. When Eliana, my 6 month old, began to eat solid foods in January 2012, I decided I would cook as much of my daughter’s food as possible. I use a variety of flavors, textures and spices with the intention of creating a teeny tiny foodie who is open to trying new foods. Over time, I've learned that cooking for my daughter is only one part of the process of creating a teeny tiny foodie. The other, equally important, part of this process has been my daughter’s foodie "education": learning where food comes from, being part of the cooking process and "playing" with food, to name a few. I use my background in early childhood education to develop appropriate activities and “lessons” for my teeny tiny student. On teeny tiny foodie you'll find the recipes I've been creating for Eliana and the rest of the family, the food concepts I've been teaching my daughter, the ways I get my daughter involved in the kitchen and lots of stories about these adventures.