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Jennifer De Vivo

Jennifer De Vivo is the owner of De Vivo Realty LLC a boutique real estate brokerage firm located in the heart of Downtown Orlando, Florida.   Her real estate advice and commentary has been featured in MSNBC, Forbes Online, Investopedia''s Financial Edge, and Orlando Realtor Magazine.  Her past experience spans residential real estate, commercial construction, and international business brokerage.

Her approach is to guide and coach you through the real estate process by developing a personalized strategic plan that will guarantee your success in achieving your dreams and goals.  Whether you are a first time buyer, luxury home owner or seasoned investor expect to be impressed.  Her team will coach and advise you through today''s ever changing markets and regulations buy pulling on her 15+ years of comprehensive experience while making your journey as fun and stress free as possible. 

If you are looking for more than just an agent and are ready to go to the next level in your real estate goals and dreams contact Jennifer and her team today on the web at or by downloading our De Vivo Realty app today!