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Jacqueline Raposo

I write about chefs, and I live with a chronic illness. 



Hi. I'm Jacqueline.

And I write things. 

Most days, I'm writing about people who make food -- chefs, small food businesses, farmers, beekeepers and the like -- for sites like Saveur, Tasting Table, The Village Voice, Serious Eats, Town & Country, Plate Magazine, Easy Eats magazine, Imagista, and the like. 

Other days, I write about issues some women struggle with and issues some people who have chronic health issues suffer with for clients like Bust Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Elle, BlogHer, and Dr. Oz.

Yet on other days, I'm helping chefs develop cookbooks, working on my own book proposals, photographing food, or producing and co-hosting Love Bites Radio on Heritage Radio Network, where I intimate my own dating life and interview other professionals about theirs.

I find people fascinating, and think everyone has a story to share if we give them a bit of our time. It just happens that my time right now is used for telling stories of those who make food; well over 200 people to date.

I live in NYC's Washington Heights with a lot of French cooking equipment of formidable weight and a dog named Mitra - which means "friend" in Sanskrit and "machine gun" in Italian, evidently - who can track a quarter pound of prosciutto through an ice storm. I dream of the Catskills cabin I'll one-day call home.  I've been a private chef because I grew up in a Portuguese/Italian cooking family and would rather make food for others than myself. I may have a too-serious love for WNYC. I get to eat far more delicious things than I deserve because I know so many incredibly talented, giving people. I've had a chronic illness since I was twelve, and it has taught me patience, gratitude, and humility.

That's a lot about me. Thanks for visiting. Let's connect so I can learn some more about you.