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Haley Bradley

I’m a mom of three sweet and mischievous children. My husband and I have been married for over 10 years, and enjoy the simple things in life. Before having kids, I actually worked in construction as a carpenter.  I enjoyed being a finish carpenter, which is trim inside of your home (stairways, mantels, cabinets, doors, and more). My dad has passed his knowledge to my two siblings and me.

I hope to  encourage other moms to become stay at home moms. Also how to make extra income, how stretch a budget, crafts, updates on the kids, funny things that happen, and other useful information. 

I have been an eBay mom since 2012, and just recently switched to eBay as my full-time occupation. It can be a fun and lucrative business, if you know all the ‘ins and outs.’ But as a stay-at-home-mom, I also have learned how to stretch a dollar and find extra income in unexpected places, like garage sales and Goodwill bins. Follow me to learn a few new tips and tricks to use for your own family.

My family and I are working hard to make sure I can remain a stay at home mom. Everyday I look at my kids and realize how fast they grow, how much they need me, and how I can never get this time back.