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Gina Bradley

Gina Bradley in the summer of 2009, founded Paddle Diva based on the premise that women are completely under-served in the Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) market. Formerly a fitness instructor, wind-surfing teacher, and PADI certified Scuba Instructor, Gina has a real passion for SUP and knew that this was a trend that was about to really catch on for women. Motivated by her love for the sport, Gina began her SUP business by teaching women in East Hampton and listening to what they wanted from the sport. What resulted almost immediately was the creation of The DIVA board, a women’s stand-up paddle board and Gina's method of teaching: The Paddle Diva Method.  Now as a globally recognized and accredited shop through the ASI, Paddle Diva offers: SUP instruction, SUP tours, ocean awareness coaching, SUP surf lessons, and kids SUP lessons.