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Gayla Baer-Taylor

Gayla Baer-Taylor a freelance writer, editor, community moderator/manager, and social media consultant with over 15 years experience. I live in East Central Indiana with my boyfriend husband, Anthony “Gus” Taylor (married 12/2010). Together we have three boys and one girl. In early November, 2013, we became empty-nesters for the first time in over twenty years.

It’s been my belief (and experience) that the greatest success springs forth from necessity. I could easily show you screen shots of income and checks – but the greatest proof of income, and the one I’m absolutely MOST proud of by far, is that, until re-marrying, I raised my twin boys, as a single mother, without any help from their father or my fellow taxpayers! It was tough, but I. Did. It.

That’s necessity!